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How we increased the discoverability of a top rated podcast

We took an already amazing podcast and gave it a better home on the web while increasing SEO and organic traffic.


Website design, automated posting, search and filtering lead magnets


Webflow, RSS, Zapier, Mailchimp

Project Timeline

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Project Overview

Self Improvement Daily is one of the top ranked podcasts in its category with over 9 million downloads and over 200 reviews on Apple Podcasts. The show consists of bite-sized 2 minute tips to help listeners along their self-improvement journey. Brian Ford, the podcast's founder and host, came to us hoping to take his website to the next level; hoping to make it match the quality of the show he's built.

Project Execution

The previous version of the website only had a few pages: Home, Podcast, Social, About & Connect. The podcast page contained an embed with the ability to play all of the episodes, but they didn't have their own pages. We immediately saw an opportunity. Brian had already done the hard work of creating over 800 podcast episodes with incredible content. His website simply wasn't taking advantage of this trove of content. Our strategy was as follows:

  • Design a beautiful, responsive website that would impress long time listeners and new listeners.
  • Create a page for every podcast episode so that all of the content can be indexed by google.
  • Make the podcast database easily filterable and searchable so that it's easy to find episodes.
  • Simplify adding content to the website by automating the process of podcast episode publishing.
  • Add his social media posts to the website to contribute to his vast content base.



The website we built for Self Improvement Daily is beautiful on both desktop and mobile browsers. We worked closely with Brian to develop the perfect site that balances the promotion of his free content and paid opportunities. The Daily Podcast page features robust search and filtering capabilities to make finding a podcast episode a breeze. Also, we set up Brian's site to include his social media posts — further increasing the amount of content available for Google to index.

Content and SEO

We are excited to be a part of this project. Brian's website has had incredible organic SEO growth as we've been able to tap into the vast content resource of Self Improvement Daily. We believe the key to a successful podcast website is to take advantage of the content you are already creating and make sure that the content is available and indexable by google and other search engines. Before hiring us, Brian was averaging a few hundred impressions every day; now he averages 15,000.

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