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All plans have unlimited requests and revisions and absolutely no contract!


Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in being transparent and open about our business model. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please contact us and we'll get it added to this page.

Can I cancel my current hosting after signing up with WebsiteSquirrel?

Yes. Once we publish the new site you’ll be able to cancel your current hosting.

Can I transfer my current domain name to WebsiteSquirrel?

  • If you want to transfer your domain to us, you’re more than welcome to do so and we’ll pay for it.
  • That said, domain names aren’t that expensive, and you’re also welcome to keep the domain in your control. We’d just need access to edit the settings to point it to the new host.

What are static and dynamic pages?

Static pages are pages that always show the same content, like the page you're on right now.

Dynamic pages are template pages that allow us to give different sets of content the same look. For example, a blog could have thousands of posts on a single dynamic page. The words change, but the page format stays the same.

So there's no upfront charge?

Nope. We cover your domain and hosting and begin building your site as soon as you sign up.

What are "requests and revisions"?

We believe your website should evolve along with your business. That's why our plans allow you to make unlimited changes to your website for no extra charge.

Another subscription?

We get it. Everything is becoming a subscription these days, and it can be frustrating. Hear us out though.

We believe that a website really is the perfect service for a subscription model. Here are a few reasons it's great:

  • Websites already have recurring fees. You'll have to pay for a domain name and hosting no matter where you go. At Website Squirrel, we consolidate all of these costs into our one, simple, flat monthly fee.
  • Your website should evolve and grow with your business. Businesses are always changing. Your website should too.
  • A subscription model helps you avoid large upfront costs in getting online. Depending on the complexity of your website, it usually costs between $4,000-$10,000 just to get it live.
  • It's win-win. You get an amazing dedicated website team for the fraction of the cost of an agency or in-house developer, and we get consistent, predictable monthly revenue.
How We Compare

The WebsiteSquirrel Difference


Free Cancelation
Work Begins
Part of your team
Starting at $299/mo
Unlimited revisions included
Dedicated Web Portal
6-8 weeks


$5,000 +
Billed hourly
Slack/email only
Depends on their schedule
3-4 months

In-house Developer

$5,000+ /month
Ongoing employee costs
Internal communication tools
Depends on project load

Hear what our amazing partners say

One of the Best

I was blessed to work for an agent in Utah who put me in contact with WebsiteSquirrel. I have to admit, I had a relatively decent website, but I knew that, with the way my company was growing, I needed something reflective of where we are today. I am not tech savvy, but [my designer] was able to explain everything to me and help me through the process without making me feel inadequate. He went above and beyond; he educated me; he did many things he didn't even have to do. I am so proud of our website today. WebsiteSquirrel did a way better job than I expected, and their pricing is more than reasonable. They really did my business a favor. So, to anyone who's listening: One of the best companies I've worked with in the three years I've owned my business is one hundred percent WebsiteSquirrel.

Game Changer

Working with WebsiteSquirrel has been a game changer for our team. They are extremely efficient, quick to respond to requests, and always send thorough explanations to answer our questions about different edits and additions that have been made. They have extensive knowledge of how Webflow works and propose edits or changes that maximize the UX. The turnaround time for projects is always on schedule with little to no additional edits needed. Our required website updates come in phases, so the subscription is a very helpful model for our company. I would highly recommend WebsiteSquirrel to other businesses!

Amanda Klag
Risely Health

Above and Beyond

We are very impressed with the professionalism of the WebsiteSquirrel team. They have gone above and beyond to make our website fit our needs.  We appreciate their constant, genuine support of our company. I highly recommend them.

Great to work with

WebsiteSquirrel was so great to work with! They brought my style and ideas to life. I am beyond happy with how my website turned out. My designer, Jacob, was fast and so kind answering all my questions. I will definitely continue using them as my business grows.

Roxanne Kennedy Granata
Choose In Consulting, LLC

My Go-To

I've been working with the team at WebsiteSquirrel for years, and we've done many different projects together resulting in multiple, successful websites.

They are easy to work with and really know what they're doing. They produce quality work, and I completely trust them with my business. WebsiteSquirrel will continue to be my go-to for all my website needs. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Casey Kuckert
Quote Hub Insurance

Trustworthy, Exceptional Work

We were handed a project in Webflow that we needed help bringing to the finish line. By luck, I found WebsiteSquirrel. Being the first time we had ever hired online and out of our locality, it was nerve-wracking to find someone with the skill set and long-term commitment we needed all while trusting someone without having met them in person. We had a first meeting online and reviewed the project while also getting to know their work ethic and approach. Our designer made the process easy from the very beginning and, through his actions, provided us the trust and communication we needed.

Our website has since launched, and we could not feel more fortunate and lucky to have found WebsiteSquirrel to be a part of our team! They are incredibly patient with every request, trustworthy, authentic, kind, and genuinely excited about the work they do and the help they provide. Additionally, our designer is a great problem-solver, always willing to go above and beyond to find answers. He is top notch in his field and we look forward to a long professional relationship with him and WebsiteSquirrel.

Jessica Barksdale
Adventure of Painting