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Importance of Storytelling in the World of Business Marketing with Matthew Dicks

Learn from expert storyteller, Matthew Dicks, how to tell a compelling story to help customers know, like, and trust you better.

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Learn from expert storyteller, Matthew Dicks, how to tell a compelling story to help customers know, like, and trust you better.

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What makes a good story?

  • You have to be entertaining first.
  • Whatever your reason for telling a story, you need to make an impression on your audience. 
  • Stories make us feel good
  • Stories entertain and people enjoy them. 
  • Transformation! We need to have a realization or change in order for the story to be meaningful. 
  • Good stories show vulnerability. 
  • Your stories should be relatable. 

How can a brand craft good stories?

  • All stories should have a thesis statement. 
  • When it comes to a brand, your thesis is that the world lacked something until the company came along and fixed it. 
  • Then, you add relatability and vulnerability to the story.
  • Stories are powerful when it comes to building a brand. 

Truth in storytelling

  • Always tell the truth. 
  • You can strategically leave out details that don’t pertain to the story you want to tell. 
  • You can embellish when it’s obvious that you’re embellishing, but you shouldn’t embellish in a deceitful way. 

 Where should a brand start when they want to craft a story? 

  • Start with how the company came about. 
  • Who had the original idea? Where were they when they had the idea? How did the company develop? 
  • Interview all of the people in the company. What’s their story with it? Why are they working where they are? 

Homework for Life

  • Every day, we experience moments that are story worthy. 
  • You might notice them briefly, but then they’ll disappear if they aren’t recorded. 
  • Every day, write down one thing that happened today that is story worthy. 
  • Don’t write the whole story. Just record the moment. 
  • Homework for Life | Matthew Dicks | TEDxBerkshires

Make sure that people know who you are

  • When you talk to someone make sure that they know who you are.
  • People connect with other people. 
  • Give them little details about yourself that they can connect with. 

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