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What Makes a Truly Good Brand? with Katie Dooley

“Put your customers first. Set your personal preferences aside for the branding and marketing process.”

Show Notes

“Put your customers first. Set your personal preferences aside for the branding and marketing process.”

Difference Between Good Brands & Bad Brands

  • How much thought and effort you put into it

What makes a good brand?

  • Good brands know who they serve and how to serve them
  • Brand Values
  • i.e. Honesty, Integrity, How you conduct business
  • Mission / Vision
  • Why are you in business?
  • How do you hope to serve your customers?
  • Brand Characteristics: Personality of your brand
  • i.e. Bold, Friendly, Laid Back
  • Whatever you are doing, whether that be writing an email or answering the phone, be these things.
  • Think about how the person you are serving will feel

Tips for Putting Yourself In Customer’s Shoes

  • Get as many details as possible about the customer you are serving
  • What do they do on the weekends?
  • How many kids do they have?
  • Where do they live?
  • Figure out how to to serve them in ways your competitors aren’t
  • Ask for continuous feedback
  • Get laser focused - Define your ideal customer
  • Design your brand, values, characteristics, marketing materials, etc. with your ideal customer in mind
  • Do your research
  • Pick colors to evoke certain emotions
  • Make different versions of the product, take it back to them, and ask for feedback
  • When asking for general feedback, ask your target market, not the general public
  • Manage expectations

How to Create a Trusting Relationship with Clients

  • Transparency
  • Collaborative process with client
  • Projected Timelines
  • Welcome & Entertain Questions
  • Touchpoints - Let clients see the progress
  • Effective & Regular Communication

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